About Joyce Styne

There’s always one realtor whose name you recognize year after year from the top of the list of best selling agents, a realtor who makes multimillion dollar sales a matter of routine, one who’s always out there setting a new record for listings and sales. For nearly 30 years, Joyce Styne has combined honesty, loyalty, passion and trust into a singularly dynamic results-driven business, providing the best professional service and fortifying the cornerstone of her continued success.

Joyce is incredibly creative when it comes to new ways to market, advertise and promote every home she lists. Her listing presentations outline customized multi-level marketing strategies which demonstrate advertising opportunities using a variety of mediums, including local and international social media platforms, display advertising, luxury magazines and the use of effectively-targeted direct mail campaigns. Furthermore, Joyce understands that foreign buyers have become an increasingly important group in real estate markets.  She can easily identify the needs of overseas clients, she understands who she is marketing to and she localizes the message for them. Savvy negotiation skills and cutting-edge marketing strategies join uncompromising integrity as the hallmark of Joyce’s business.

Joyce always applies her expertise and market knowledge to consistently exceed the real estate goals of her clients. The immense network of new home buyers, repeat sellers, referrals by family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances all say, “Joyce is very hands-on. Whether she is the listing agent, selling agent, or assisting a colleague in a sale of one of her properties, she gets the job done.  Not only is she passionate about the industry, but being a real estate agent ignites a spark within her every time, as if all transactions are her first. Making a difference in the lives of her clients and their families – she can’t imagine anything better!”

Joyce uses her tremendous energy, her positive, and upbeat, “glass half full” attitude, to work diligently, negotiate superbly & make the process easy and pleasant. A former educator, she understands that communication is both receptive and expressive. Joyce is able to seamlessly modify her methods of communication to all of her clients and is able to “read” them, easily identifying the needs of the individual.  “Joyce heard exactly what I was looking for because she listened. She heard me right away and when the right house was going on the market we jumped and grabbed it. She didn’t waste any time impressing us with how she negotiated and secured the property”.


She is the “Go to Gal” – known as an “Icon in the Industry” – a consistent leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting her clients’ best interests. She’s enthusiastic, she’s trustworthy, she takes pride in her work, she’s a leader, and she cares – “and the capacity to care makes all the difference.”